Biological Vaccine- VCAN

We at the Integrative Cancer Therapy Center have developed a cancer vaccine specific to the type of cancer the patient has. This vaccine is administered intramuscularly at specific intervals to promote an antigen-antibody response and provide immunological information to the antibodies. The immunological response enhances specific cancer fighting ability by the body's defense system.

Coupled with specialized transdermal peptides we have greatly enhanced the ability of the immune system, in immuno-compromised cancer patients, to boost its suppressive nature.

This vaccine can be used continuously for a certain period of time and can be re-administered as a boost at any given point in the patient's life. There are no side effects with this vaccine. Unlike other vaccines, this vaccine does not contain any preservatives or toxic metals. Since it is prepared from the patient's own body fluids (blood, urine) the patient will not experience any type of negative immune respond. The vaccine taken at regular intervals will also help in the prevention of recurring tumors in the case of patients that have solely used conventional methods such as chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Please contact one of our medical staff for more information on how you can receive your vaccine in the comfort of your own home.

"Knowing the natural intelligence of your immune system is crucial in recovery from cancer".

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