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Taking into consideration that cancer is caused by many different variables, and in order to effectively treat the disease these variables have to be dealt with, we at ICTC have a 7 step treatment approach that complements each other and focuses on each of these cancer causing variables. The focus of each step depends on your diagnosis, clinical results, and overall health condition. More specific information regarding each treatment can be found when clicking on Treatments on the top of the page.

Step 1 - Non-Toxic Cancer Fighting Therapies

Our cancer fighting treatments attack cells that have changed and reproduced uncontrollably. The therapies we use are safe and will not cause harm to vital, healthy tissues. They are not likely to cause side effects, and are not derived from toxic substances.The products at the Integrative Cancer Therapy Centers are clinically proven to stop the spread of cancer and prevent metastasis.

Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT)



Gluthatione IV

Laetrile IV

Vitamin C IV

Iscador IM

Indiba Hyperthermia

Step 2 - Enhance & Optimize the Immune System

Our products and techniques fight cancer mutated cells. Through the use of biological vaccines we are able to stimulate and promote an antigen-antibody response. Our program includes supplementation to balance nutrient deficiencies, and thus potentialize the natural immune system.

Biological Vaccine- VCAN1

Immune System Therapy- An exclusive ICTC natural IV therapy

Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy

Step 3 - Alkalinization & Nutrition

Our food program consists of full-spectrum nutrition. Consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, grains and fish. Add to that alkaline water, cellular nutrients and you have a completely balanced nutritional program.

Alkalinizing Regeneration Treatment - An exclusive ICTC Alkalinization treatment

Step 4 - Detoxification

The exposure to toxic chemicals is a large source of toxic build ups throughout the body. After years of exposure to these substances, often the body can not keep up with eliminating these substances and they get recirculated into the bloodstream, causing illness or disease in the body. The detoxification protocols we apply at ICTC are geared toward removing these toxic chemicals as well as other toxins

Detoxification Regeneration Treatment-An exclusive ICTC detoxification treatment

Step 5 - Eliminate Microbes & Pathogens

Elimination of microbes and pathogens is crucial in recovering from chronic diseases. This process provides your compromised immune system with an enhanced ability to fight the ravages of diseased cells. We at ICTC use non-toxic, natural, antimicrobial therapies that are safe and effective to achieve the elimination of the microbes and pathogens.

AutoVaccine- An exclusive ICTC vaccine, that is natural, safe and effective.

Step 6 - Oxygenation

The health of your body is significantly dependent on optimal oxygen levels at the cellular level. Oxygen therapies are a must in the fight against cancer and all degenerative diseases. These therapies provide benefits by stimulating the immune system, enhancing circulation, and increasing oxygen metabolism for maximizing red blood cell functions.

Oxidation Therapies- Ozone IV, Hydrogen Peroxide IV- both therapies are non-toxic, safe and effective

Step 7 - Spiritual & Emotional Integrity

This step in our treatment approach is as important, as it is necessary to positively affect the disease process, which includes mind, body and spirit. Our supportive therapies benefit you by increasing circulation, oxygenation, and promoting relaxation. Emotional and psychological benefits improve symptoms such as stress, anxiety, fear and depression.

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