Dr. Nisim John


Founder, ICTC


Dr. John is a doctor specialized in Integrative Therapies for cancer and all diseases, he is also an independent researcher, international conference speaker, educator and a medical consultant. Dr. John is the founder of ICTC. Dr. John along with the rest of our medical staff develop all patient treatments and protocols at ICTC. Dr. John has over thirteen years experience treating and caring for patients, not only cancer patients but also patients with degenerative diseases, including immune deficiency disorders. He has collaborated with leading medical physicians as well as medical specialist, he has worked with, world renown oncologist, scientist and chemist. He along with our staff treated patients  from all over the world including the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, South America and Israel.  Through his knowledge, research and experience he is one of the leading authorities in Integrative Therapies for cancer and other diseases.

Dr. John along with our medical staff offer many different treatment modalities and protocols designed to support and rebuild the immune system through a variety of mechanisms. His goal for ICTC is to bring recovery to patients suffering from all diseases throughout the world, including cancer, heart disease, immune deficiency diseases and other chronic degenerative conditions. He is considered by those that know him, as a compassionate, caring, giving and very knowledgeable doctor.

Dr. John - 

Founder of Integrative Cancer  Therapy Centers (ICTC)

Founder of Integrative Healing Centers International (IHCI)

Medical Director / Health Centers and Prevention ICTC International

Medical and Scientific Advisor: DrJPureHealth Products

Member: American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM)
Member: American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 

Member: International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians (IOICP)

Dr. John studied pre-medicine (biology) in USA. Dr. John  was born and grew up in New Jersey and New York area, where his lifelong dream as a child was to become a doctor to help his family and anyone that needed help. He continued his education and graduated from medical school in Mexico. Complementing his medical degree he studied extensively Integrative, Alternative and Holistic medicine in Europe, China, United States, Israel, Mexico and South America.

In Mexico he finished his 6 years of general medicine and while in medical school he began his research in Integrative medicine and Alternative medicine for cancer. He studied Integrative Medicine in Europe and the United States, he also mentored in Alternative Medicine in Mexico and studied Neuroendocrine & Anti-Aging Regulation, Ozone Therapy and UVBI  in the United States. He also mentored in Germany on Hyperthermia treatment as well as Ozone Therapy.

Because of his extensive studies and experience with patients, Dr. John is considered a leading authority on Integrative Cancer Therapies, he has helped treat thousands of patients with terminal cancer. Dr. John has appeared as a guest on many radio and television programs across the country and other countries.

He is currently a consultant and medical doctor for Integrative Cancer Therapy Centers in Mexico. Dr. John  has 13 years of experience in alternative and conventional medicine, and speaks and writes fluent English and Spanish. Dr. John along with our team of doctors and specialist have more than 20 different treatment modalities and protocols that are non-toxic, safe and natural, designed to support and rebuild the immune system through a variety of mechanisms. Dr. John welcomes the challenge of achieving recovery for patients suffering from all diseases, including cancer, heart disease and other chronic degenerative conditions. Although trained as a conventional physician in Mexico, he is convinced there are better protocols to treat chronic conditions rather than chemicals and toxins such as  chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.








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