The following testimonials have been published in their original format, as sent or stated to us by our patients. Patient full names have been withheld for privacy.

I am deeply grateful for the way Dr.John and his whole staff treated me and my husband at the Mexico Center. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given two months to live by my oncologist after I was bombarded with chemotherapy for 6 months. I started the Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy seven months ago and I have had tumor shrinkage and feel great. - Jenie F.

 My name is Bob, I am from Boston, Massachusetts and I started the Ilaria therapy from Dr. John at the Integrative Cancer Therapy Centers in Mexico. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December 2010. I have seen my tumor disappear and I have been on his therapy for five months. Thank you Dr. John and your great medical staff. - Bob C.

Thank you, to the ICTC staff from the doctors to the chef, I had a wonderful experience at your center and my quality of life has improved since my last visit. I now have a better and a positive perspective about my health and my future. I am feeling 100% better.  - Susan K.

My name is Joseph and I was diagnosed with lung cancer May 2010, my oncologist told me it did not look good. He stated, even with chemotherapy I probably would not make it. After spending a month and a half looking for the right therapy, I met Dr. John at a conference. He has been a blessing. I would like to thank all the medical doctors and staff at the ICTC. It has been a wonderful experience seen the compassion and the care that you guys provide. Even though we are still not done, I feel much better, and I can truthfully say I can breath again. Thank you so much and I will see you all soon.  Robert J. S.

Hi Dr.John, just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much for everything. I really appreciate all your time and attention.  Martha M

My name is Andrew I was diagnosed with colon rectal cancer in 2010. I, like many others did what my oncologist told me I needed to do. To be honest that made things worst for me. A friend of mine named Angie, recommended I speak to Dr. John and I did. I just want to publicly thank Angie and Dr. John for the therapy and the quality of life he has given me. I am on my way to recovery and I feel so much better. Oh yes, my last exams showed no cancer! Andrew C.

My name is Scott and I was real skeptical and a little nervous about going to your center in Mexico. Not only was I worried about going there but also worried that the therapy would not work. As soon as I arrived and met Dr.John and his staff I was more relaxed and my negatives thoughts turned into positive thoughts.  I have been getting SonoPhoto Therapy for 6 months now to treat my bone cancer and the results have been unbelievable. I will continue to do this therapy until Dr.John says so. Why not, I was supposed to die 6 months ago. Thanks Dr.John.  Scott T.

Dr. John thank you for saving my life !  Lourdes C.

Thank you to Dr. Gonzalez and all the staff at ICTC, you guys rock.  Linda, USA

I have been fighting cancer for 10 years and I have been to many places for treatment but you guys are the most attentive and dedicated to your craft and to your patients (me). Thank you for extending my life. Margaret G. 

I know cancer is an ongoing fight and it can return any minute, I have lived with those thoughts for many years as I have been fighting breast cancer. I want to thank Dr. Gonzalez for her support and love at the clinic and Doctor John for his knowledge. Susan R. USA

I am a male with prostate cancer and have been fighting it for 5 years. I was sick of getting treated with chemicals it was taking a toll on my body. I am 68 years old and I found ICTC. I appreciate everything that Doctor Gonzalez & Doctor John and staff did for me. I feel much better, with lots of energy and I am very optimistic about my future.  Joseph P. 

It was worth the trip to fly overseas to your Mexico clinic. I am very happy that I did. I was hesitant at first. But well worth it. Thank you to all that helped me with my cancer.  Ellsworth 

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