Follow Up Care Program

From the moment you arrive at one of our Integrative Cancer Therapy Centers you become part of our commitment to the diagnosis and treatment of disease. We know that good care extends beyond the treatment you receive at our facility. At ICTC we don't forget about you when your treatment is over. Your health is just as important for us the day you leave our facility as it was the day you arrived. We ask that you remain a member of the ICTC family.

We provide a follow up program for patients leaving our facility as well as a home care program if recommended by your doctor. Prior to leaving our facility, a discharge interview with your doctor will include information on the use of medications, supplements, nutrition, exercise, and any other necessary discharge information. Within 48 -72 hours of your return home, you will receive a call from our Follow Up Program Consultant to answer questions and provide support as your healing process continues. Consistent contact with you is the best way to evaluate your response to treatment and the need for further medical advice. We suggest a relationship between your local physician, ICTC, and you, to ensure the best quality care.

We encourage patients to return to ICTC approximately 90 days after departure from their initial stay. During this return visit we will review results of tests completed after your initial stay, review and modify your home program, and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment protocol.

After Care Common Questions

Below are some common question on what our After Care program encompasses and why we recommend this important aspect of the program as part of the overall Cancer Treatment Program.

1. How long is the Home Program?

Upon completion of your inpatient treatment at  the Integrative Cancer Therapy Center, the home program is for 3 months depending on condition of the patient. After the first 30 days the patient is evaluated and depending on the follow up exams (labs, x-rays) and the condition of the patient the program can continue, be modified or stopped. Note: Usually the SPDT Home Program is for at least 10 weeks.

2. How do I get my Home Program medications and supplies?

In most cases, the shipping department will ship all the necessary supplies and medications to the patient’s home a few days before the patient leaves the clinic.
If the patient decides to take the Home Program themselves they can.

3. Who will do the SPDT therapies at home for me?

The patient and or their family members are instructed to do their SPDT therapies at home before they leave the clinic. They are also given an Instructional Manual on the different SPDT devices they may use at home.

4. Who can I call with questions about the SPDT devices?

Our Aftercare Coordinator can help you with any questions you might have in regards to the SPDT devices.

5. Where do I send my lab and or X-ray results once I am at home?

Your lab, X-ray, Scans and Ultrasound results can be faxed to the Aftercare Coordinator. She will have the After Care Physician review them and contact you to go over the results with you.

6. What kind of diet do I need at Home?

Diet should consist mainly of fruits, nuts (except peanuts),salads, beans, fish and vegetables. No Sodium. No processed sugar. This varies with each patient. 

7. Can I take some of the recipes home that are used at the clinic by the clinic chef?

You are encouraged to speak to, and gather all the recipes you want from the chef at  ICTC. This will give you a wide variety of delicious, nutritious and healthy food you can have at home.

8. Do I need my family doctor to check my IV catheter if I leave with one from the clinic?

We recommend that you have your catheter checked at least once a month by a health care professional (nurse or physician) to make sure your catheter is well placed and free from infection.

9. Who can I speak to in regards to medical questions I might have once I leave the clinic and I am at home?

We have an After Care physician that you can communicate with for any medical questions or concerns that may arise while you are at home.This can be done via the After Care Coordinator, through email or by phone.

10. How long can I count on the After Care Program?

As long as you have a ICTC home program you will have access to our After Care program.

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