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Welcome!  ICTC clinics are located in different parts of the world to assist you in winning your fight against cancer.

Once accommodated and well rested you will have a thorough assessment by our health care professionals. You will first be examined by our Internal Medicine specialist(Internal Medicine Physician).  Routine blood and other test deemed necessary will be done in conjunction to evaluate the condition in which you have arrived at our center. Your cancer will then be evaluated by our Cancer Specialist and he/she will determine what protocol will be best for you.  You will also be evaluated and recommendations will be noted by our Emotional and Behavioral specialist as well as our physical therapist and nutritionist.  The integrative cancer therapy team will meet and develop the best possible protocol that will best suit your illness.  Once this is done, we will explain and discuss with you, the therapies to be used and the procedures that follow. 

You will feel pampered and nurtured by our full staff of medical specialists and caring nurses.  We offer all the modern conveniences such as wireless internet, a private driver for shopping and sightseeing outings (because there are no side effects to our treatments patients often feel like taking in the sights) and direct phone lines so your family can keep in touch. You will enjoy gourmet vegetarian cuisine(diet varies with each patient) and your daily exercise is a walk on the beach (or lake). We will strive to treat your body, mind and spirit so that you can emerge from our treatments healthy and whole.

Our Integrative Cancer Therapy Centers are the only facilities in the world to offer you treatment programs that include Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, non-toxic proven cancer-fighting therapy and our exclusive cancer vaccine.  In addition, we offer hyperthermia treatments, and our research team works to ensure you have the most successful natural medicines in the world working to help you regain your good health.

At Integrative Cancer Therapy Clinics, we focus on cancer and degenerative diseases as well as Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and auto-immune diseases.  Often, a cancer patient will ask us to treat their spouse for non-cancer related illness while they are in the hospital.  We also offer biological dentistry.  If it pertains to your health, we will make it happen.

We strongly believe that a positive, respectful doctor to patient relationship is a key factor in the healing process.  We want you to be a part of the decision making process and to feel free to discuss your concerns with your healing partners.  When you complete treatment and are discharged, we will continue to monitor your progress with weekly emails and phone calls to answer your questions and offer support.  You may come as a patient, but you will leave as a friend. We encourage you to bring a family member or a friend so that they can also support you while you stay with us. 

Note:  At our Integrative Cancer Therapy Clinics we use the most advanced non-toxic therapies not only for cancer but also for any other abnormality that you might present.

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