Integrative Cancer Therapy Center Staff

Nisim John M.D.


Dr. Nisim John is a doctor specialized in Integrative Therapies for cancer and all diseases, he is also an independent researcher, international conference speaker, educator and a consultant, health coach and life coach. Dr. John is the founder of Integrative Cancer Therapy Centers. Dr.John develops and oversees along with the rest of the medical staff all patient treatments at ICTC. Dr. John has over fifteen years experience treating and caring for patients, not only cancer patients but also patients with degenerative diseases, including immune deficiency disorders. He has collaborated with leading medical physicians as well as medical specialist, he has worked with world renown oncologist, scientist and chemist. He has assisted in the treatment of  patients  from all over the world including the United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, China, Australia, South America and Israel.  Through his knowledge, research and experience he is one of the leading authorities in Alternative cancer therapies and other diseases.

Dr. Lora Chang, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Lora Chang, M.D. is our Medical Director and staff physician. Dr. Chang has been practicing Integrative Medicine for over twenty (20) years. She has been using her knowledge and experience to better serve our cancer patients. Her compassionate personality and motherly manner with our patients makes her a very valuable physician to our team.

Dr. Gerardo Munoz, M.D.


Dr. Gerardo Munoz, M.D. - Our staff physician and hospital administrator. Dr. Munoz has been a physician for many years and has lots of experience working in the medical field. Dr. Munoz is on call twenty four hours a day and is available to help the needs of our patients wether with Integrative Medicine and/or with Conventional Medicine.An excellent physician and is well versed in professionalism and courtesy.

Noemi Cabrales M.D. 

Chief Integrative Internist

Dr. Noemi Cabrales is our lead Internist at our ICTC Mexico. Dr. Cabrales is our Intensive Care specialist. She has over 20 years experience as an Internist and 15 years as an Intensive Care physician. She has been working with our team of doctors at ICTC for four years and is an incredible addition to our medical staff. She makes daily rounds with all of our patients and makes sure that our patients are stable enough medically so we can implement our cancer therapies with much confidence. She shows compassion and cares deeply for the health and well-being of our patients. She is the first physician that our patients see and are evaluated by when the patient is admitted to our center.

Olivia Diaz M.D. 

Internal Medicine Physician 

Dr. Olivia Diaz is another one of our internist at ICTC.  Dr. Diaz has over 20 years of experience dealing with patients with cancer and degenerative diseases as well as autoimmune diseases. Dr. Diaz has been with our medical staff for over four years. She is well educated on the complementary therapies that we use to treat cancer and all the conditions treated at ICTC. She makes our patients a priority. Dr. Diaz makes patient visits in the evening to make sure our patients remain stable and or have the most optimum stay at our center. She is caring and is pleased to integrate orthodox  medicine with our complimentary therapies for the betterment of our patients. Dr. Diaz overlooks and follows up with our patients once they are discharged from our centers.

Dr. Roberto Villafana, D.D.S.

Biological Dentist

Dr. Roberto Villafana, D.D.S. - Our biological dentist that works with our patients. Dr. Villafana has been in the field of biological dentistry for over two decades. He does a magnificent job with all of our patients. He is very professional, compassionate and has a very great understanding of not only the physical state of our patients but also their emotional state. It is an honor to work along side Dr. Villafana.

Sandra Garcia Garay – R.N.

Nurse Manager

Sandra is a registered nurse and she is our ICTC Nurse Manager at the Mexico Center. Sandra has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. Mrs. Garcia has worked with Alternative Care doctors for over ten years. Sandra is very skilled and knowledgeable in our protocols and the treatment modalities that we implement in our centers. She is very professional and dedicated to giving our patients the best service, care and nurture that can be given. We are proud to have her as the head of our nursing staff. Over the long years as a nurse she has always received positive feedback not only from the patients but from all the doctors that she has worked with.

Martita RN


Martita RN - Marta is a registered nurse that has been helping and assisting physicians with cancer patients for over thirty(30) years. She is very knowledgeable of all the therapies and protocols that we use for all of our patients. She is very patient, compassionate and professional. She is one of our staff nurses that takes care of our patients in the day shift.

Laura Luengas RPT

Physical Therapist

Our physical therapist, Laura, plays a very important role in promoting well being and the overall good health of ICTC patients. Laura works closely with our team of physicians to design individualized programs to better serve our patients. Her therapies include prostate massage, lymphatic drainage massage, physical exercises, breathing exercises. All these techniques that Laura applies are crucial to the patient's healing and recovery process. Laura instills in our patients self confidence in their healing abilities and advancement towards a better lifestyle.

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