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At the Integrative Cancer Therapy Centers (ICTC) we offer a wide variety of treatments to suit the patient’s needs. Not only do we have the best available Natural Cancer fighting treatments in the world but we also will incorporate conventional cancer treatments when necessary. Our protocols are not set in stone they are done according to the type of cancer the patient has. We take into consideration the stage the cancer is in, the overall health of the patient and the mind -set of the patient. This will guaranteed that we cover the basis and will give the patient the best possible chance to fight the disease. Our Centers are fully equipped to provide the patient the ability to have every medical procedure that might be needed. Our  Centers, are fully equipped with the newest and most advanced medical equipment. The centers are located in different parts of the world including, Europe, Mexico, Israel and South America, for the availability of International patients. 

We make every effort to improve the outcome of progressive diseases. This involves dedication to advancement with continuous education and research. Our patients can take comfort in knowing that the team at the Integrative Cancer Therapy Centers strives to stay up to date on the progressive cutting edge of alternative medical technology.  It is our belief that we have the best and most successful cancer treatment therapies in the world. We are pleased to announce that we are the only cancer centers in the world to offer these treatments.
The treatments offered by the Integrative Cancer Therapy team restore diseased cells and maximize the status of your immune system. Based on clinical improvement, our treatments have outperformed other conventional and unconventional treatments. When using our featured treatments (Sono-Photo Dynamic Threrapy) in combination with nutrition, physical therapy, spiritual and psychological treatments, results in reversing or eradicating your cancer could be even greater. 

At ICTC, we take a "joint effort" approach. Our dedicated team of experts will provide you with the best available options for your treatment so that you can be fully empowered to make your best decision. We don't fight cancer for you. We fight cancer with you.
Your health and well being are our top priority. We welcome you to participate in your healthcare. Every attempt will be made to meet your needs. If at any time you have questions or concerns please contact our staff personnel to assist you.
We focus on cancer and degenerative diseases as well as chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, diabetes and auto-immune diseases.

We strongly believe that a positive, respectful doctor to patient relationship is a key factor in the healing process.  We want you to be a part of the decision making process and to feel free to discuss your concerns with your healing partners.  When you complete treatment and are discharged, we will continue to monitor your progress with weekly emails, and phone calls to answer your questions and offer support. You will also be able to have a video consultation with a doctor after you leave our center without any additional charge. You may come as a patient, but you will leave as part of our family.

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